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The Excelsior Works | Over 150 years of excellence

The Excelsior Works was founded in 1869 by John James Cam in Worcester.


Great Great Great Grandfather to the current owner, he was an innovator of his time.  As well as owning one of the first cars in Worcestershire, he also was one of the early adopters of photography and his premises in Worcester - The Excelsior Works - was a hub of innovation and engineering activity.  

From small steam engines to church organ pumping systems; early clutch mechanisms for motorbikes to motor launches - everything was meticulously designed and manufactured.


As well as custom manufacturing specialist products to order, we are also pleased to be the only TSProf approved UK main dealer - bringing you the whole range of TSProf knife sharpeners made famous by the Wranglerstar YouTube channel.

We believe these are the finest knife sharpeners money can buy - we hope you do too.

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